Busting Jewelry Myths

TBZ Delhi, Wed, Mar 27, 2019 12:38 PM

Jewelry isn't only a frill that we use to dress ourselves up, it's a piece of life. Each adornment at any point purchased holds an investment as well as holds an enthusiastic and nostalgic value.

We generally connect gems to these two things. However, do you know there are some insane myths that individuals have related to jewelry on numerous occasions? Here are some that will knock your socks off!

Diamonds Are Rare

Who says ‘Diamonds are rare’?. The statement ‘Diamonds Are Rare’ is only a myth. To name a few rarest gemstones would be-painite, musgravite, serendibite, jeremejevite.

Say A Big NO To Blue Sapphire

Popularly known as Neelam in India, Blue Sapphire is considered as unfortunate in India. As per Indian mythology, Blue Sapphire is the stone of Shani Dev and can only be worn by the recommendation of any astrologer. Aww...BAD!!

Your Diamond Is Not Your Investment

Free advice often annoys us, especially during the time of investment. And one cliche myth we all hear while investing in jewelry is- invest in gold, not in diamond. In fact, the truth is research well and get a diamond. With all the 4C condition fulfilled, a diamond’s worth can readily multiply over the years.

The Dreamy Pearls

Tons of myths surround the beautiful pearls. As per many illogical creatures, pearl engagement rings are supposedly a big NO NO because they depict tears or sadness. In fact, pearl jewelry not only looks classy it also brings peace, prosperity and well being.  

Nothing Can Harm A Diamond

We all know diamond is the hardest substance. Have you ever give it a thought how a diamond is chipped by another diamond? Well, your diamond too can get damaged if not looked after properly.