Jewellery Trends For 2019 Winter

TBZ Delhi, Fri, Oct 18, 2019 9:46 AM

New-season means new patterns, we have arranged our main five of the jewellery patterns for winter 2019, a couple of new patterns and various patterns with an update.

Enough assortment for each taste and style, and simply like design, gems this year is joined with various materials, loads of gold, the classic pearl in another shape, proclamation studs are as yet hot and the chunky chain is back.

Let Your Pearl Shine With Sparkle

Blend wonderful pearl jewelry with a neckband with sparkling precious crystals or stones. Layers are additionally the pattern here. With hoops, you pick a mix of pearls with different materials, for instance, gems in a similar shading tone.


On each catwalk, we saw striking gold gems in each style. This differs from supersize gold band hoops to numerous layers of arm ornaments and accessories and stacked explanation rings. Are you not a fan of gold? If yes, then you have other options lined up. How about diamond and pearls?

Mix And Match

One stud, yet an entire battery of hoops in your ear, from little rings (or ear sleeves that you clasp) high on your earcup to bigger hanging studs ton your ear cartilage. Or on the other hand consolidate a little ear stud with a bigger hoop, all shapes and hues are permitted, leave your inventiveness free.

Multiple Layers With Chunky Chains

We're now into layering, however this season it is slanting to layer and stack pieces of jewelry, arm ornaments and furthermore rings in a similar shading tone yet with various plans. The most striking is the thick chain, which is found in all accumulations, blended with better adornments. A pattern with a high 80's vibe.