Wedding Trousseau Part 2

TBZ Delhi, Fri, Sep 13, 2019 10:12 AM

Indian weddings are all about investing in gold and diamonds plus Indian wedding means you have loads of events and functions to host and celebrate where you can show off your jewelry.

And luckily if you are a bride then your jewelry shopping will not end till your wedding day arrives. So, it’s wise of you to make a list and complete your wedding trousseau. 

Wisely Choose Your Nose Ring

Generally, nose rings were presented by Mughals in India which was later received by numerous Indian societies. You can wear a nose stick or greater nose ring to supplement your wedding clothing!

Artistically Play With Your Bangles

We are never tired of the lovely tinkling sound of our bangles! You can wear gold bangles or glass bangles on your big day. Ensure that the shade of the bangles coordinates your general clothing!

Beautify Your Fingers With Finger Rings

We as a whole love rings! Customarily the lady of the hour wears the wedding band on the event of a marriage, however, you can wear more rings according to your decision!

Your Waist Need A Waistband

The belt isn't much regular nowadays, yet it truly adds a conventional touch to your wedding clothing. Decide for a wide or thin belt contingent on your body structure and clothing.

How About Anklet And Toe Ring?

Anklet or payal is another fundamental component of the Indian marriage adornments! In numerous societies, anklets and toe rings are to be worn by the lady of the hour even after the wedding function.