Your Jewelry Breathes For You, Tips To Care For It

TBZ Delhi, Fri, Mar 22, 2019 4:58 PM

Your jewelry is one of your precious investments and like any other precious asset it too needs care and the occasional clean-up.

You don't want to invest in any kind of jewelry which ends up looking like a lackluster after a while. You thought millions of times before purchasing any jewelry but when it comes to the ‘caring’ factor you hardly give it a thought.

Every piece needs the right amount of care and attention. We are happy to help you to provide the best tips to clean and care and clean your jewelry.

Preserve Your Jewelry From Light And Heat

A long time exposure to heat and light is not good for the health of your jewelry. Both light and heat have a negative impact on your favorite investment. An excessive amount of heat is not good for certain gems, it can cause tiny cracks in them. There are gems which are vulnerable to heat, while other jewels might bleach under the sun.

Keep Them Away From Chemicals

Products that you use on a daily basis such as perfume, hairspray, cosmetics are powerful enough to discolor your precious metal. Make sure you are wearing no ornaments while applying perfume. These chemical products can also damage pearls.

Keep An Eye On Jewelry

Do not overlook your earrings, rings, and chain that you carry on a daily basis. They require more cleansing as you wear them on a regular basis. Try to scrutinize your jewelry every 6 to 12 months and if they need polish then give them one as soon as possible.

A Simple Polishing Cloth Is All You Need

Use the type of cloth that you use to clean your sunglasses. It cleanses the metal easily. Also, polishing is a quicker option. If you want the charm of your pendant, earrings, gold chain back then clean them often.